Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

State of the union

President Bush's State of the Union speech set an optimistic tone for the the coming year. He said,
“we have proven pessimists wrong before and we can do it again".
He covered all topics - from the war in Iraq to health care. It's been an exciting year, from fierce hurricanes in Louisiana to "earthquakes" in the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominees. Bush also managed to pass prescription drug benefits through Congress. The next year will bring new challenges to face for the American people. Mr. Bush hopes that we will stand behind him and the Republicans in the elections this November.

Mr. Bush believes that the war in Iraq is going well and that we should stay the course. Giving up now would allow these small cells of terrorists to halt the advance of freedom and democracy. Mr. Bush believes a good turnout for the Iraqi elections showed the other Middle Eastern nations that democracy will always triumph over terrorism.

Health care was one of Mr. Bush's key issues from last year. It will be one of his central issues in the coming year. Prescription drug coverage last year enabled older people to get coverage for their medicine that they previously could not afford. But is this the role of government? I don't think Mr. Bush should press drug coverage much more because it gives more power to the federal government. Is funding of health care the proper role of the federal government?

Mr. Bush is also putting pressure on congress to make the tax cuts permanent. The President sai that by the year 2009 that the government will have giving back to the tax payer over 14 billion dollars. Mr. Bush said that we should help immigrants who want to come into this country legally. President Bush that hopes that in the coming year that democrats and republicans can put away their partisan politics, work together and lead this country into the next generation.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Will you be watching?

Tonight is the President's State of the Union address before Congress and the nation. Will you be watching? Thankfully, orchestra was cancelled tonight and will not interfere with my ability to watch the speech. I hope to write a post for tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2006 

God's Creation

Isn't it amazing how the busyness of life, work and school can sidetrack you from God's beautiful creation? Everyday when you wake up you expect the sun to rise (or have risen depending on how long you sleep).

Did you know that if the earth was just a little closer to the sun we would all fry? And the earth was just a little farther from the sun; we would all live in a place equivalent to the North Pole.

Every year you expect your flowers and trees to grow and bloom. But really there's a very long process which takes place to make that happen.

So what makes us so bogged down that we forget God's creation? I think we are sometimes too focused on ourselves and school, work, etc that we forget why were are and what is around us. I think that if we just take a step back from life, we will enjoy God's creation more.

Friday, January 27, 2006 

She's out of here!

Spunky Homeschool (aka: Mom) is going to a homeschool convention for the weekend...YAHOO! Last time she went to a homeschool convention, my dad bought us lots of candy and rented some movies for us to watch. Even though I will miss her I will get more computer time while she is gone, thats if my sister Kristin dosn't hog it all.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 


...back again. And this time it's FOR REAL! I hope to blog a little more often now that school has started again.

Expect more from me soon...

Monday, December 26, 2005 

Merry (Belated) Christmas

Christmas was pretty good. I got lots of cool gifts. I also got a hilarious card from my brother Josh.

It was white and had nothing on the front. I opened it and found this message:

Dear you, from me.

Merry Christmas

I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 

Thankgiving, snow, birthdays and keyboards...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers (if I have any that is)
Last night, we got dumped with about 4 inches of snow...yeah! This means SNOWBOARDING season is here! I love's so fun to be gliding down huge hills. I'm hoping that I can go to Boyne Mountain with my big brother Stephen this winter...but he's getting married so we'll have to see.

And yesterday was my 15th birthday! Yep, my birthday was the day before Thanksgiving and next year, it actually lands on Thanksgiving. I got an air-soft gun from my brother Josh, snowboarding gear from Stephen (the same guy I mentioned above), candy from my younger sisters, drum cases from my parents, backpack; stero set and a few other things from my grandparents, and my lame sister Kristin hasn't gotten me anything yet.

The REAL news, however, is the fact that my keyboard finally came yesterday evening! I've been waiting for it since the beginning of October. It's sooooo awesome. It has a million different features and it came with cool headphones. I also bought Cakewalk (computer music program) and I'll be downloading it as soon as Thanksgiving's over.
Have a wonderful holiday!